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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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goldfield stop stories nuclear negotiations dominate talks as russian president dmitry medvedev sits down with his iranian counterpart nothing like that is shot on the sidelines of a key regional summit in azerbaijan and that it said russia will continue helping terror on developing a peaceful atomic program. president obama urges lawmakers on capitol hill not to side to side trying to the ratification of the nuclear own sconce treaty between molson washington. and also the was damaged going to run
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a good claims american officials tried to force him into admitting to arms smuggling charges while being extradited from by cop to washington and says he's not guilty moscow says little off a diplomatic support for the russian businessman who is convicted could at the eve convicted could face a lot of behind bars. up next it's all the nation's candles in the financial world with max kaiser and stacey. max kaiser and this is the kaiser report this show's going over one hundred
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thousand views on you tube if you make it happen you know there's a global insurrection against the banker occupation going around around the world why because it has been discovered that the global banking cartel has a soft underbelly at j.p. morgan j.p. morgan has one point five trillion exposure in derivatives to a rising so over price as so over prices rise j.p. morgan's life is on the line we have the ability to take down a giant this is fantastic stacey or tell me more max kaiser crashed j.p. morgan by silver office on the way into the studio but before we go to your vile campaign of crass j.p. morgan by silver i want to set the stage for revolution i have king eric in the headlines can tone up collapse the banks pop kopi k.
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so this is eric cantona who was french by the way complicating erika own a football star so here's a video of him and he is talking about the people with placards out in the streets and how old fashioned that is he says we don't pick up weapons to kill people to start the revolution the revolution is really easy to do nowadays what is the system the system turns around the banks. it is based on the power of the banks what we know. so it must be destroyed starting from the banks this means that the three million people with the placards on the street they go to the bank will withdraw their money from banks and these ones will collapse well yes he makes a good point if it's a step in the right direction isn't taking your money out of the bank similar to the campaign in the united states move your money but unless you do something with
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that money it's really going to fail unless you take the money you take out of the banks the paper money the fifth money and buy silver bullion with it then you've got the full three hundred sixty degree weapon of disenfranchisement pointed at the banking systems hard with a silver spike through that as matt taibbi calls them the vampire squids that are struggling the global economy well of course and as he's saying is like you go in take your feet out currency cash out of the system what you're left with is still there unit of fraud which is the piece of paper it does you have no wealth with it unless they the banks determine what that wealth is the problem has been that over the past ten twenty years the banks have stolen everybody's wealth using fear have turned c. and derivatives and all those c.d.'s products invented by financial terrorists like blith masters over there j.p. morgan now it's time to reverse the process by confiscating the wealth from the
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banks and we do this by buying so over the more silver we buy the more wealth they lose and why a silver important because it's considered one of the poor man's real currencies but this brings me to the next headline max max scott is or buy a silver coin destroy j.p. morgan so this is from zero hedge in the reporting on you appearing on the alex jones radio show where you came up with the idea of buying silver to expose j.p. morgan's naked short on the silver market. collapsing them by forcing them to cover their shorts so here's tyler durden at zero hedge max keiser shares his brilliantly simple plan to bring down the precious metal manipulation cartel if everyone in america buys a silver coin it would crash j.p. morgan yeah and let me just get back to the side of the of gold versus over for a second another reason why the silver campaign makes sense versus the gold
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campaign is because the market for silver is substantially smaller so this buying pressure and taking the physical silver off the market will have a direct impact on the price of silver and j.p. morgan's exposure to the rising price of silver so you know you have a quantum you have a leverage you know there's more leverage in silver by doing this with sober than with gold that's the primary reason in other words we want leverage we want for every ounce we buy and take it off the market in physical solver to have the greatest downside hit to j.p. morgan's market capitalization we want them we want their stock price to go to zero and j.p. morgan all of the short positions and silver a very concentrated in this one single entity of j.p. morgan nobody knows for sure but they reckon it's between twenty five and fifty percent of all shorts in the silver market are held by j.p.
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morgan yes and the reason why again is because both the silver and gold the manipulation of these two precious metals are used by j.p. morgan and they just b.c. and goldman sachs as a way to keep the dollar relatively high in value in the u.s. dollar is the means by which america imposes its imperium around the world and they're guilty of war crimes as we now know even george bush in his book said yeah i'm guilty of war crimes you know i like waterboarding so i mean america's is now the equivalent of nazi germany. as as george bush himself admits he says you know i'm sure i'm jim or i'm hitler so what do you do but i say we're going to do about george we're going to put your pet bank j.p. morgan on the. well the other thing to note is everybody has been focusing on goldman sachs remember goldman sachs almost did go out of business you can't forget that during the two thousand and eight crisis but which bank was totally immune
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apparently from everything j.p. morgan despite having the largest derivatives book by far in the world estimated at about ninety six trillion dollars so how were they so immune from everything that was collapsing around them all the degree of it is blowing up around the world j.p. morgan suffered hardly any damage relative to everybody else that's right goldman would have been out of business except for the largest of warren buffett who of course got a fantastic deal that he cut with goldman directly a deal that was not available to the u.s. taxpayer and let me just point out for a second here to those liberal media types like bill maher jon stewart who's that chick on c n b c rachel maddow rachel maddow ok they are making the mistake of saying that the u.s. public has been reimbursed for the money that was used to bail out the banks in these corporations that's completely false the amount of indebtedness has been
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skyrocketing learn how to read a frickin balance sheet before opening your mouth or just playing the sandbox with your little toys in your little. you know ok let's move back to our big story because we are the center of this global story you are max and that's the crash j.p. morgan by silver so this is the important story look at zero head and their piece with it will be interesting to see how far this mean carries so you're mean being crashed j.p. morgan by silver so let's look and see how it went viral within hours. hi ho silver her and these are some of the posters if we start with some poster campaigns you can look at let's go kick some too big to fail. tonto and here's a nice poster as well a silver coin is a silver bullet with a bullet ridden j.p. morgan logo. but it was the video the viral video campaigns on you too which are the most amazing and let's turn to this one rolling
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in the background here this is a video of stuff from stewart's bushcraft blog thank you very much i want to thank you. for which. crucial overnighter which. i think you. are sort of j.p. morgan. well. i'm really sure it was not snowing here i love this guy we got to get him on the show you know all something interesting stacey so far all these videos have been in english again and start saying videos like this and all kinds of different languages all different countries all over the world because remember the global insurrection against banker occupation it's a global insurrection every single country in the world everyone around the world is being subjected to the journey of an occupying force of bankers and so let's see some of these videos in all their languages let's get this global party going ok
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refer to plural of videos and i do have quite a few other videos as well here is from tofu mary as you see she's whipping out two one hundred ounce bars of silver she's a pretty serious here's one from america this is crash j.p. morgan at you tube and he has quite a few dozens of silver coins there. so this one is from jackie o. channel and this one goes out directly to you max here is jackie o. singing for you and. her partner. thank you. that's beautiful you know you know the thing about the jackie video also is that interesting she makes reference to j.f.k. who executive order one one one one zero back in one thousand nine hundred three
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was going to reintroduce over and several certificates as a challenge to the federal reserve banking system shortly thereafter j.f.k. was assassinated a lot of people postulate that those two events are linked certainly what we've seen the last two years daisy herbert with hank paulson before congress saying to congress give us seventy billion dollars we're going to kill you with his messages subjects' he threatened to kill the members of congress unless they forked over three quarters of a trillion dollars according to testimony that was later talked about of the congress folks in the back room deals we know that they're serious about their paper currency they're willing to commit homicide they're willing to take out a standing president for their paper currency ponzi schemes so. this is a powerful force we're talking about for every ounce of silver you buy it's like putting another silver nail in the coffin of j.p. morgan one of the probably the biggest financial terrorist in the world today and here's a little image here from the trending topics on you tube as you can see big there are crash j.p. morgan buy silver and you also see t.s.a.
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and alex jones i know you have been coming up as a guest in the second half of the show. and so finally i want to take you before if we don't stop these guys here's a very important story to look at because you're talking about terror and the financial terror going on here is the headline new york terror watching cameras triple with bomb plots so they talk about all the c.c.t.v. cameras being put near in the financial district of new york city at wall street you think wow the homeland security is finally on our side they're going to start. started viewing these financial terrorist down there no no no no guess who owns these cameras. goldman sachs and the new york fed well you know as i said you know there needs to be this campaign to capitalize you know i would go so far as to pick up on that french revolution theme and of course the reign of terror was all about decapitation this is what we're talking about here is the capitalization we
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can do capitalize j.p. morgan the financial terrorist by buying silver coins and therefore they have to cover their silver short position which by some estimates because of the derivatives that they control is in somewhere in the order of one point five trillion dollars worth of exposure that would obviously take down j.p. morgan and possibly some other corrupt banks as well look we're all going to end up as indentured servants anyway if that's the track if we want to stop that from happening we've got to put these monarchs and so and paper money cartel guys out of business that's a good idea i've got my silver max. crashed j.p. morgan by silver i've done it well thanks so much for being on the kaiser reports they say here we're paying human x. stay tuned because after the break i'll be talking with the legendary.
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those so many years of. some former prisoners. are still a lot. as well and for sure. those so many years of power. some are hoping to find their savior. others hate their executioners longing for justice. those so many years of past. memory use to memorize as well. as. tate.
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gave. us. i welcome back to the kaiser report as promised we shall now go to austin texas it's up to the want to know the alex jones alexander welcome back to the kaiser report mattias good to be here thanks alex jones let's talk info wars first tell us about your weapon of choice the google bomb how is it developed how is it deployed my weapon of choice the google bomb you have
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a way of putting things marks you know i mean it's just one little tool in for wars dot com arsenal is to have our great listeners who are concerned about an issue like t.s.a. revolt that was the number one search term friday to basically put a term out there so that then when people click on it it takes them back to the articles that we've read. and so it's a way to try to culture jam of the mainstream dinosaur corporate media that has always done this themselves they force feed lindsey lowe hand and o.j. simpson and anna nicole smith on the population they even admit they do this and create their own feedback loop so we are attempting to put real issues out into the debate and we do that a few times a week and it's been very successful all right so if you look at a mainstream media broadcaster like glenn beck he's purely ratings driven the the
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agenda there is ratings they don't have any journalistic integrity what so well at all it's rupert murdoch production he's a globalist he's got no compunction about doing whatever it takes to simply make money he's going not a journalist he's a he's an oligarch so but as a ratings driven enterprise what you're able to do it in four wars if you get your google bombs to the head of google search then their editorial staff sees that you're generating the ratings and then i see glenn beck is now following you so there's been a complete reverse and there's been a complete new paradigm that you're introducing here because now you're driving mainstream media true or false well i think i'm a part of that i mean all of the alternative media together is shifting the base away from the controlled corporate media to the independent and alternative media and they've had international studies a quite a few understand last few years showing that of that around two years ago the
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rubicon was crossed and people trust alternative media more than they trust mainstream media and more people now get their news from alternative media on that wide spectrum of true diversity than they do. from the old line corporate media and that trend is it shallow writing they're losing more and more credit. in the polls they're losing more and more viewers and rupert murdoch is smart he knows that sure going back around two years ago. they shifted and started imitating my little web cast with the same cameras the same graphics the same nomenclature but putting a right wing she's been on it what's happening is the people at fox are watching my show listening to my radio show they're looking into the things i cover and it's really giving them it's some point moral support to try to tell the truth look just a few days ago on saturday. geraldo rivera attacked nine eleven truth.
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bob mckelvey who lost his son in the towers and one of the architects and engineers for nine eleven truth on and at the end of it he said look i have to have an open mind about this now i mean it really she what you're talking about we need to investigate building seven glenn beck last week should the government may stage terror attacks to blame it on the american people so yes we're starting to see a complete flip flop by these people and beck's ratings have been plunging in the last six months for about three nass million down to two million on average now that he's been doing this the last month they've shot back up to above over three million because they look at a little show like mine that operates on a shoestring having two million independent radio listeners a day around two million web visitors a day and they see those four million overall a day and they see the trend. on all the online aggregators and google analytics showing that we're going up up up up up and then our growth curve is dwarfing the
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entire spectrum of mainstream media and that scares the system right up and i talk about your little show with two million or four million listeners or viewers of the website but your show because you have as i said use your weapon of choice to google bomb have effectively hacked your way into mainstream media and are now setting the agenda for mainstream media and all these formally taboo subjects like nine eleven truth are now going into mainstream media because they're ratings driven and you're truth driven now the truth suddenly means something in american media now i was on your show last week alex jones you were talking to me and i tried to drop out i did drop a google bomb of my own which was crass j.p. morgan by silver now since i mention that on your show we've been bombarded with these homemade videos it's gone viral if you do a search and now crash j.p.
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morgan by silver you'll see that google is replete and you tube it replete with. videos and articles written on this so this google bomb technology within the last seventy two hours has been incredibly effective sense you're kind of the granddaddy of this what do we do next what's the next level where we go from here maybe we don't tell him what we're doing max maybe we call ourselves little and fly out of the radar but obviously they're noticing i know google is trying to block some of the things that we're doing sometimes we put the term out and they will block in four wars and prison planet where there are non searchable with those particular articles but it doesn't matter because thousands of other sites then copy our stories over and so those pop up and then that leads people to us to get the information but i agree with you max i want to have you back on this week to have an organized google bomb so what you need to do is write an article breaking down your idea and explaining this champlain will publish it in full wars got com on the
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day of your choosing. but you don't want to even point out the article that well when you talk about it off air not that i'm an expert in this is all just something we're testing out and trying it was only about six months ago that a caller called in and said alex why don't you tell listeners to search terms and i should ok let's try it and it became number one and it is starting to shed a lot of the agendas but things are happening here when mainstream media is having the now come out and cover a lot of the topics that you and i cover but it's more than just what alex jones or my great activist listeners are doing that's causing this it's an overall loss of trust in the system and i just saw the new york times this weekend admitting that our government brought tens of thousands of nazis into the us and protected them and that the operation paperclip was a lot worse than we had previously known well we knew that decades ago they're just
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having to admit it now to stay relevant and so they're trying. catch up and unfortunately for them it's too little too late all right alex jones talking about how you're taking these stories and putting them into the mainstream press this is unmistakable a got to be they could have the air in terms of what you're doing over there info wars the t.s.a. story you again made a google search number one google search about the t.s.a. in the naked scanners and then right after that it's matt drudge and he's very influential with the drudge report he's been linking to that now for a week suddenly it's a huge news in the united states tells about the t.s.a. campaign what's going on well all we did going back about three weeks ago was start doing search terms dealing with t.s.a. enhanced pat downs and the. naked body scanners and all we did was tap into rage that was already there because now millions of americans
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a week go through these systems are going on at airports all over the country i fly and i've been seeing them everywhere i go now and they do grab your genitals they do grab your breast they do yell and scream at you what's happened is all these cowards and mainstream corporate media they would never criticize it but because of matt drudge having the courage and you got to give him credit of of posting articles and others in the last two weeks it's now given the media coverage l a times if you've got all the articles right here forbes chicago tribune hundreds of them with headlines like abolish the t.s.a. forbes or chicago tribune government in your pants and the reporters are saying to the t.s.a. how dare you lie and say this is a molestation you did it to me and my wife what's happening is new york times writers others are going with their wives and children it's like being at
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a nazi train station they're there they're grabbing this happen to one of my employees that was the first. linked to over two weeks ago i was michelle came back from a vacation with her two daughters twenty months and eight years and they tried to have a man search then the man did search shell i think a twenty six year old woman but then tried to put his hands on the little girl's. crotch and she said no and called a woman over i mean this is insane and then t.s.a. lied and said we don't have men searching women i was in san jose a few weeks ago and saw them in searching women they were only putting women and children through the naked body scanners only i mean this is by the way the t.s.a. now admits they're trying to condition us to accept the scanners and they admit that the pat downs are brutal to scare you and make use of med and they told at lant monthly jeff goldberg of the t.s.a. did that they call it the male member measuring device they used the street slang
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term that was the first name of george bush's vice president they call it the dick cheney measuring device and i can use that term here on our t.v. and i'm sorry to be crude but that's what's going on so there was this huge volcanic. you'll pool of anger and now it's been given a vent through in full wars dot com prison planet dot com through the drudge report that's what really cracked open the volcano and then it came spewing out and now it's got a lot of but shown and it's one of the biggest stories in the world and it's only getting bigger as people revolt everywhere they have a reuters poll that's been out for two days with over fifty thousand votes and ninety seven percent in the poll still going so it may change but ninety seven percent say they will not fly this thanksgiving the heads of the. flight crews the major lobbies the flight attendant lobbies the
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hotel lobbies the theme park lobbies the travel lobbies all when last friday and met with the head of homeland security the white house an emergency meeting and she said we're going to continue all this and they came out and complained to the media and said this was not reassuring and that this is chilling travel and c.n.n. reports just last year this cost more than nine billion dollars in travel in the u.s. truism to the u.s. is down by over a third in the last four years and that's accel rating because people recognize total tyranny and folks keep saying americans are sheep americans will go along with anything once the sleeping giant awakens you can't put the genie back in the bottle and so this juggernaut is starting to wake up and the globalist are really starting to panic alex on the market he's got the empire on the run alex jones thanks so much for being on the casa report looking forward to being on earth max thank you and you've got.


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